How This Purple Primer Made My Skin Glow

applying-cushion-foundation-4.jpgEven though waking up with flawless skin might be a farfetched dream, you can at least make it a reality when you are awake. Colour correcting makeup has been the buzzword of the beauty industry lately. It uses the basis of colour theory to ‘correct’ discolouration.

Let’s picture a colour wheel below, colour correcting works by canceling out unwanted hues in your skin by using makeup in tones that sit directly opposite them on the ring. Afterwhich, you can add your foundation or sunblock over or just go on with you day.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 3.50.16 PM.png

The opposites on a colour wheel will counteract each other.

color-correctiong guide.png

Due to my late sleeping habits, I have a dull yellow undertone which makes me look really lethargic and worn out all the time. For unwanted yellow undertones, purple, lavender, or lilac correctors are used to eliminate this and achieve a brighter skin tone.

My makeup artist friend has recommended me to use a purple primer which can help to offset the dullness in skin and also help set my foundation better. I purchased the chái CC Lumière Color Correcting Primer (0.24oz) which is meant for sallow and yellow skintones.

The packaging of the primer is really lightweight, resembling a cushion foundation compact with its bouncy-textured mesh. It does not come with a refill however. I usually take about 8 months to use up a cushion foundation, so the 0.24oz actually goes a long way. This primer is specially formulated with pine extracts which are known for their skin brightening effects. It also offers SPF50 protection to fend against harmful UV rays.

After my daily moisturiser, I applied a thin layer on the back of my hand twice with and without this primer to compare the difference.

Left: chái CC Lumière Color Correcting Primer + BB Cream

Right: BB Cream only

Verdict: 4/5

I was really pleased with the effects of adding a thin layer of purple primer under my daily BB Cream! The purple shade has balanced and brightened my yellow and dull skin, giving it a sheer luminance that BB Cream alone cannot achieve. My makeup application process has also been smoother with the primer base below, which helps to smoothen fine lines and control sebum production.

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