Asia’s Best Facials To End Your Skin Woes

korean-skin-care-innovations-rusht.jpgThere’s a plethora of things on our mind daily that can cause immense stress. From the jam-packed trains to the mounting paperwork you haven’t touched yet in the office, there are just signs that you should take a break, now. Besides pigging out on local delicacies and going on a bargain-hunting rampage on your next holiday, Beautyconversations’ editors present to you the next best option – pampering yourself with a luxurious spa treat in top spas in Asia. 

Best Whitening Facial – S MEDICAL SPA, THAILAND

s medical spa

Conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok, S Medical Spa provides one of the most extensive spa facilities in Asia. With a team of qualified doctors, dermatologists, acupuncturists and other therapists, S Medical Spa’s anti-ageing treatments cover all
aspects of cosmetic beauty and inner health from laser technology to a range of
programs focused on detox, vitality, relaxation and holistic healing.

S Medical Spa’s Supreme Gluta White is a revolutionary treatment for those looking for greatest whitening effects. Combining the ‘mother of antioxidants’ glutathione and the latest electroporation technology, whitening performance is further enhanced with a nutrients-infused mask. These strong antioxidants will leave your skin looking brighter and fairer.


Best Express Facial – Bench Skin Expert, The Philippines

bench skin expert

Best for the busy bees. Bench Skin Expert’s “Express Facial” a.k.a “Lunch Break” facial is designed to provide busy professionals with a basic but thorough treatment. The treatment steps include cleansing, extraction and toning, providing your skin a new lease of life in 15-20 minutes. If you have a little more time to spare, try their Vital C Contour Facial which includes an additional step of Vitamin C serum infusion, highly recommended by dermatologists.

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Best Glow Facial – SW1 Spa, Singapore


Angels (of the Victoria Secrets kind) who treated their skins to nothing but the best pre-runway credit their dewy good looks to oxygen facials. I had the pleasure to try out SW1 Spa’s O2 Blush facial . First, my skin was pampered with an oxygenating detox pre-mask and I could almost feel the oxygen molecules seeping into my pores. Next up was an oxygen wrap which imparted an immediate glow to my face. The oxygen goodness with ended with a full face Oxy Shot therapy. After the facial, I noticed that my skin felt more elastic and supple with no signs of redness at all. It just made my skin so radiant and smooth to touch. If you’re looking for a simple facial that helps you look rejuvenated with no side effects, O2 Blush is definitely the choice for all.


Best Purifying Facial – THANN Sanctuary, Hong Kong

thann sanctuary.jpg

Voted as one of the Top 55 Best Spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine, THANN Sanctuary offers a wide range of spa treatments based on THANN’s art of natural therapy. Designed to suit all skin types, THANN’s Purifying facial uses a detoxifying Clay Mask to effectively remove make-up and debris trapped in skin. This is chased with an natural Oatmeal Face Scrub to further purge pores and nourish the skin at the same time. Finished with a gentle Rice Extract Cream, you will leave with happy and soft skin.

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Best Detox Facial- Grace Clinic, South Korea


Located in the area of Gangnam, Seoul, Grace Clinic is the favourite of many Korean celebrities. Besides offering top notch Korean skin solutions that leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, Grace Clinic also offers dermatology and plastic surgery services as well. I tried their basic Skin Detox facial, which kicked start with a deep cleanse. I liked how the esthetician was really gentle with my skin and removed makeup really carefully without tugging on my eyelash extensions. It was followed up with ultrasonic treatment to stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation. The result? Camera-ready dewy skin.

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