8 Skincare Mistakes That You Might Be Making

bad-diy-skincare.jpgWith the ever-evolving world of skincare, new, revolutionary innovations hit the shelves on an almost daily basis. As a result, we are all guilty of a mistake or two when it comes to caring for your skin, like skipping the SPF or not removing your eye makeup. Senior Medical Consultant and dermatologist Dr Chua Han Boon shares the common blunders by his patients all the time. 

Mistake #1: Neglecting your neck

neck care.jpg

Most of us apply moisturiser daily and nightly without fail on our faces, but we often treat our necks as an afterthought. “Many of my patients said that they will typically rub moisturizer onto their faces and then whatever is left over on her fingertips will extend down onto her neck,” Dr Chua shares. Hands up if you’re guilty of this. While you deserve some credit for showing love for your neck, this is actually not much of a help in the quest for smooth and supple neck skin. Especially when it comes in sunblock, a.k.a the best anti-ageing product. The sad little amount left behind after you have applied on your face is barely enough to offer full spectrum sun protection. We love BEACH HAT UV-Protection Oil-Free Lotion, which safeguards vulnerable complexions from beams and rays while imparting a luminous finish.

Mistake #2: Rubbing your skin during cleansing

“When it comes to cleaning, we are taught that the harder you rub, the easier a stain comes off. This does not apply to your delicate skin. Hard rubbing will damage collagen and elastin within dermis, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. To cleanse correctly, your actions should be up and down, made in circular and reversed gentle movements. When drying, don’t wipe your face with a towel. Instead, pat it gently.”

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Mistake #3: Your water is too hot

Hot baths are comfortable but it can also dehydrate your skin. Hot water causes the natural oils on your face to melt.

“If your water is too hot, your natural oils will melt and the water your skin is retaining will escape, because water molecules bind together.” Dr Chua shares.

So, hot water=removing natural hydration from your skin. Lukewarm or cool water will keep your skin happy!

Mistake #4: Using make-up wipes

makeup wipes.jpg

This genius invention changed the makeup game. They are quick, easy and a cinch to use, and has decreased the nights of slumber with makeup on. However, these time-saving wipes contain high levels of alcohol and preservatives to stay moist.

“Besides being harsh on the skin, wipes can also upset the delicate PH balance of the acid mantle, leading to problems such as dry patches and sensitivity.” Dr Chua warns.

It is okay to use them once in a while, but it is better to use the conventional makeup remover instead. Try NAKED Black Orchid Milk Makeup Remover as this lightweight and non-foaming formula can remove makeup and debris effortlessly without stripping skin of moisture.

Mistake #5: Ignoring your diet

diet gif.gif

“Sugar from sweet food and soft drinks can clog your pores; alcohol can dehydrate your skin; coffee or tea can cause unwanted spots. For a clear and healthy complexion, avoid preservatives and readymade food and use organic ingredients where possible to prepare your meals. Drink up, and your skin will definitely improve. Remember, you are what you eat!”

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Mistake #6: Sleeping with your open untied

“This seemingly harmless habit could however cause your hair to be frizzy! Sleeping on your hair also means that there is a higher chance of getting natural oils and the dirt transferred from your hair to your face. Dandruff and scalp oil can cause breakouts and clog up pores. Start sleeping with your hair tied in light braid, or a simple low ponytail tonight. ”

Mistake #7: Not washing your face enough

wash face gif.gif

“I’m sure many of you have heard of double cleansing. Basically, the first cleanse has the role of removing the oil base dirt from your skin so that the second cleanse can actually penetrate the skin and properly clean the pores.

Besides removing debris from the pores more thoroughly, a deep cleanse allows the maximal absorption of skincare products which come after.

Sometimes, it’s better to leave give your skin a real good cleanse by opting for a facial. The Deep Deep Clean facial at SW1 Spa uses ultrasonic cleansing to purge pores, leaving skin clean and fresh. ”

Mistake #8: Loving your blemishes—the wrong way

squeeze pimple.gif

“Many of my patients come to me to treat acne scars, which are often the result of improper acne care in their adolescent years. This is why it is so crucial to understand what you should do to the blemish once it appears,” Dr Chua says. “To effectively remove acne and blemishes without the resulting in scarring, I always choose the pain-free I-Clear laser. It utilises innovative Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) technology to effectively target acne-causing bacteria without thermally affecting surrounding tissues using light, which means you can avoid side effects of strong topical and oral treatments.”

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