3D Nose Lift: All You Need to Know About Nose Threadlifts


The nose plays a significant role in your facial symmetry and proportion. A slight enhancement to the nose bridge can change your facial appearance drastically and help you to attain equilibrium in the facial features. In the past, the only way to enhance your nose is to opt for rhinoplasty, a surgical nose job. Today, with the rising popularity of nose aesthetic treatments, you can achieve the same results with a less painful and convenient way. I spoke to Dr. Low Chai Ling, the Medical Director of SW1 Clinic, to find out more about the highlights and lowdowns on these non-surgical nose jobs – Nose fillers and nose threadlifts.

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  1. What constitutes a beautiful nose?
Scarlett Johansson's perfect nose
Scarlett Johansson’s perfect nose

Dr Low:     Scarlett Johansson apparently has the perfect nose, according to recent surveys. According to research, measured from the lip up, the optimum angle of rotation at the nasal tip – the amount the nose is turned up – should be 106 degrees to enhance a woman’s looks. A nose that is rotated less than 90 degrees to the face looks droopy, long and masculine.

But I always strive to get the perfect look for the individual, rather than sticking to a textbook formula. There is a range of rotation that’s usually applied, which is 90 to 100 degrees for men and 95 to 110 degrees for women.


Ideal nose dimensions for men & women
Ideal nose dimensions for men & women

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  1. What non-invasive aesthetic treatments can be done for the nose?

Dr Low:     For women who do not want to jump into the deep end and go for surgical rhinoplasty, I would advise them to consider non-surgical nose jobs such as Nose Fillers and Nose Thread Lifts. Nose Fillers use specific, high G-prime fillers (which tend to lift rather than spread) to elevate and lift the nose bridge.

Nose thread lifts uses 100% bio-absorbable threads to add lift and definition to the nose bridge and nose tip. Each has their pros and cons; understanding what each can deliver will help you decide what will be most suitable for your nose. You need to understand that what looks good on your friend may not necessarily look good on you.


  1. Can nose fillers and Nose Threads be combined for the nose area?

Dr Low:     Yes, they can be combined, but only under trained hands. Nose Threads give a precise lifting effect of the nose bridge and the nose tip, but is not able to smoothen out uneven surfaces such as humps. That’s where nose fillers excel. Nose fillers can even out uneven surfaces or crooked noses.


  1. What is the procedure for Nose Thread Lifts like?

Dr Low:     Nose Thread Lift is a simple 30-minute non-surgical nose job procedure with low downtime. Patient has numbing cream applied to the treated area for 10 minutes. A shot of local anaesthetic is then given to the nose tip. Thereafter, the area is numb and the patient feels little to no discomfort except for some pressure as the tiny threads are inserted. Depending on the aesthetic endpoint, 3-5 threads may be inserted into the nose bridge and/or nose tip. Insertion of the threads take no more than 10 minutes and all injections take place through only one insertion point.

Nose Threadlift process
Nose Threadlift process


  1. What is the downtime for Nose Thread Lift?

Dr Low:     There is mild swelling of the nose for up to 24 hours and my personal preference is to tape my patients’ noses overnight to ensure the threads stay in place for optimal results. Patients can remove the tape the next day, they can wear makeup and continue with normal activities. As with all injections, there is a small risk of bruising, so I like to cover my patients with Arnica and Bromelain tablets to minimise this risk. Every doctor has their own post treatment protocol. If any of my patients have a bruise, I usually get them to return the next day for my anti-bruise pulsed dye laser which will speed up the resolution of the bruise by half the time.


  1. What are the side effects for Nose Thread Lift?

Dr Low:     Unlike fillers which can be dissolved, the threads though bio-absorbable over months are not dissolvable or removable immediately. Therefore patients who are extremely apprehensive about any aesthetic enhancements for their nose should opt for nose fillers first as they tend to be more reversible.

The main side effects are bruising and in rare cases of poor after care, infection of the skin.


  1. Who is most suitable for Nose Thread Lifts?

Dr Low:     Nose Thread Lifts are most suitable for patients who have flat, broad nose bridges and who desire a more elevated nose bridge without any broadening effect. As threads do not spread sideways, they are able to lift the nose in a specific and defined way. Patients with a flat nose tip will also benefit from a nose threadlift as these special threads are versatile enough to be inserted into the columellar to lift the nose tip, resulting in a higher nose tip.

Elevation of nose tip after nose threadlift
Elevation of nose tip after nose threadlift

Who is most suitable for Nose Fillers?

Dr Low:     Does the client have a nose hump or an uneven surface? These type of noses do very well with nose fillers as the fillers can be precisely placed to even out the surface of the nose bridge, giving it a sleek and even profile. The other type of patients who do very well with nose fillers tend to be patients who want subtle augmentation or those who are very unsure or worried—with natural hyaluronic acid fillers being dissolvable, nose fillers can be removed should they not like the end result.

Nose fillers to even out bumps 
Nose fillers to even out bumps 

Who is most suitable for a combination of both nose fillers & nose threadlifts—3D Nose Lift?

Dr Low:     In my experience, most of my patients do better with a combination of both procedures when they opt for non-surgical nose job—- 3D Nose Lift. This is because each of the techniques have their key highlights that outshines the other. When combined together in 3D Nose Lift, they allow a more holistic improvement of the nose that triumphs just a singular technique. For instance, most patients will find their attractive index boosted if they lift their nose bridge with nose thread lifts, yet most will also find that if they use fillers to highlight the curve between their brow bone and their nose bridge, they get a softer and more natural enhancement as well. As with all procedures, I tend to look at my patients as individuals, each with different needs, and I start from there.

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